About Us

Gold Stripes Clothing is a street wear brand that wants to bring light on something we feel the world lacks, Respect. To respect ourselves, respect each other and most of all, earn respect. Our designs are made to reflect our goals and mission. We don’t want you to only look good in our clothes but feel good as well.

We chose the name Gold Stripes because the word gold, to us, represents how something that is found underground in mines can be a precious metal and sought after throughout the world. We believe that no matter the struggle we go through, we can rise and be that sought after precious metal. The word stripe represents respect to us. We all have to start from ground zero to work our way to the top. To do that, we need to respect others, ourselves, and have respect from others.

So join us as we strive to create a cultural impact to bring respect and love to the forefront of our society the Gold Stripes way! #StripeLife 

Company location:Northern Minnesota